My Best Friend

January 16, 2012

My old friend is back.  This has been somebody I had been neglecting for almost 20 years now.  In moments of great stress and distress, this has been one person who has always come through for me.  This person needless to say has always had my best interests at heart and both kept me from harm’s way and saved me from doing harm to others.  Yet I failed to pay heed to this person’s advice though it made the utmost sense.  The motto that my friend holds strong are pure and simple – live and let live, without bothering who, why, what and how you have to live with, or without.  Logic, reason, and goodwill are my friend’s characteristics.  Open mind, broad vision and solid philosophy are this friend’s strengths.  Despite my negligence, my friend has not abandoned my side.

Today, I am beginning to see my true self reassert itself.  The only person I am answerable to is my friend – my conscience.  And I know my friend shall also be exacting in my amendment.


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