Romesh Gunasekara And Housekeeping

October 14, 2009

My father would type pages and pages, and then hit a random button only to lose his entire email. Until yahoo mail started automatically saving drafts periodically, it used to be a lesson my dad learnt and forgot every single time.

I did the same thing the last time I blogged. It was because I relied on the automatic save which does not work on the Blackberry browser. Anyways, when I begin to blog I do not usually set out with a subject or topic in mind. Only when I stop and read do I myself realize what I wanted to say. This time, when the post disappeared so did my train of thought. I cannot for the life of me remember what the last draft was about! That is how random and momentary some topics I pick are.

It has been a long time since my last post. I plan to write a serious post on “Home Buying”. Before that I must touch on the topic of cooking again.

I was reading “Reef” by Romesh Gunasekara the other day and not even a cookbook or a book on housekeeping could motivate you like this fiction does. It has had an immediate, and lasting, effect on me. Both cooking and cleaning have graduated to a whole new higher level for me now. Some of the things he describes, it gives you the feeling you are living it and that you yourself are the character.

I also read his collection of short stories, “Monkfish Moon”. There is a long story behind how I came across this book, which I will write about sometime.

It is Agatha Christie’s “Murder In Retrospect” next. Yes, I am re-reading it; but let me see if I remember it as vividly as some of her other ones.


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