The Only Dumb Guy

August 21, 2009

Scene 1:

Wise Guy 1: Listen… I have developed a tool to make money in the stock market.
Wise Gu 2: Really? It is incredible.
Wise Guy 1: Even I couldnt believe it, but I have tested it with all the historical data I could find. It is flawless!
Wise Guy 2: Wow!

Scene 2:

Wise Guy 2: (Recounts Scene 1. Then…) Wise Guy 1 is a genius.
Only Dumb Guy: It is impossible. I do not believe it. Let me see the tool.
Wise Guy 2: What do you know? You may have a Masters in Finance. But not only does Wise Guy 1 have a Masters, Wise Guy 1 also works in the field.
Only Dumb Guy: But I know better. (Tries some more to prove the point. Then…) It is impossible. I do not believe it.

Scene 3:

Wise Guy 1: Maybe we should test it in real time.
Wise Guy 2: Maybe I can spare a thousand.

Scene 4:

Wise Guy 2: There is a small glitch in the tool. It needs to know the future data to work correctly in the present.
Only Dumb Guy: I told you so. Did I not tell you so?


Only Dumb Guy: Who put the kitchen tissue, Bounty at that, in the toilet bowl. WHO PUT IT THERE?
Wise Guy 2: I did. One won’t do any damage.
Only Dumb Guy: (Fishes out the tissue, throws it in the trash. Says no word. And yes, IS MAD.)


Wise Guys are those that are so smart that they can argue with common sense, albeit without common sense.

The Only Dumb Guy is the one that argues with Wise Guys.


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