August 3, 2009

You can run all over me and I will take it in good spirit. Except when you do it in my home. Because that is the place I come back to cleanse myself of bad experiences and that is the place I want to keep free of conflicts and competition. That is why I make a bad host sometimes to some guests.

While on the topic, I must mention a person that won me over with a simple gesture. His name is Ramesh Sivampillai.

He had once come to visit me with his wife. He came during a stressful time at work. Though it was a weekend, I had to work; and help a collegue find a place to live and drive my guests around.

I was shuttling all over – back and forth. I worked, cooked, drove and more. The stress, I would work off by cleaning my home. There was one thing that I would obsess about. Keeping the vanity spic and span. If I saw water around the basin, I would immediately wipe it clean and arrange the things around it neatly.

Then what I started noticing was there was not a drop of water around it and everything was spotless and right on spot, even after my and their repeated use of the vanity.

Ramesh saw me standing there perplexed. He said to me that he had seen how I was particular about keeping it a certain way and so made sure that he cleaned it and left it exactly as I did.

Now there is a guest after my own heart. It was not that I was obvious – because if I were, what excuse do some guests have to trespass on my space – mental and physical. It was just that he was considerate and thoughful enough to be a – no, not good – a great guest.

You might ask – did that not take away your method of destressing? No, it did not. That small, but understanding, gesture took away all my stress that the calm lasted the entire weekend and longer.

Here is to people who are a pleasure to host!


In case you are wondering, yes, I do have OCD.


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