Blind Leading Who?

August 1, 2009

I do not know if it is just me. I cannot hear well without my glasses. Seriously.

My lenses are not that thick, thanks to hi-tech, or should I say high index, material. So my husband would not believe that I was dependent on my glasses because I was as good as blind without them and not because I was habituated to them. That was until he accompanied me to my eye exam.

The optometrist put up a card with letters of varying sizes on different lines and asked me to read the smallest but most readable letters from the board. I did well. Then he asked me to take off my glasses and try again.

Now I said I could not read any. He asked me three more times. I thought to myself: now why did he keep asking me – did he not believe me? He said alright in the end.

My husband was sitting there and he told me to put on my glasses and look at the board. What do I see? A single, big letter – E – on the one-by-one foot board.

The optometrist had been showing me a different card with increasing sizes of letters each time he asked me if I could see.

Even I had not realized I was this visually challenged.

No wonder I cannot hear without my glasses. What? You do not believe me?


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