More Than One Movie And Dinner

April 5, 2009

It was almost half-way through the movie that the signature of Quentin Tarantino began to show, accompanied by the sound of characteristic music that precedes a sudden, but decisive, turn of action.  Death Proof.  Yet another proof of his ingenuity!

There is more to this movie than the name or the genre suggests.  Sex And The City.  Maybe a chick flick, but admit it or not, there is as much appeal in it for the roosters too.

Even watching it for the umpteeth time does not take away its charm one bit.  In fact, it only adds to it.  Catch Me If You Can.

Not many get such amazing opportunities.  But if there is anybody who could make an amazingly miserable job of them, it would be Aishwarya.  Bride and Prejudice.  Pink Panther 2.  It might be pointless to expect more of her, if her acting prowess had not shined in Kandukondaein Kandukondaein, Hum Dil De Chukein Sanam, Raincoat, to name a few.

Sense And Sensibility.  Pride And Prejudice.  To think that many are ignorant of the classic novels and believe that these are movies remade from earlier versions of the same movies.  Those who realize when told otherwise can be forgiven.  As for the rest, no loss to anybody.  They have soap operas to keep them occupied.

Egg dosai and tomato chutney…


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