Process In Execution

February 10, 2009

My brain is almost always on overdrive analyzing things.  But hardly has that ever taxed me.  If there is one thing that can overload it, it would be attempting to translate the resulting action items of my thought process into an executable form that is acceptable to people impaired by narrow minds.

My frame of reference might be small.  My sampling of life experiences might be limited.  My freedom of living might be narrow.  But despite all that, I have a broad mind, even if I say so myself.

By “broad”, I do not mean modern or knowledgeble or wise.  By “narrow”, I do not mean traditional or mean or ignorant.  By a broad mind, I mean understanding people for what they are and accepting them as they are.  That also includes understanding yourself for what you are and attempting to be a better person than you are. 

I fall short in one capacity.  Instead of focusing my energy completely on attempting to be a better person than I am, I get distracted by looking for acceptance in my fellow beings.  Some of them, I discover are the narrow minds that I have trouble communicating with.  These narrow minds pose a problem to me not because of being narrow, but because they are deliberately closed and locked and therefore condemn and deny broader vision.

My fault is a perfect example to demostrate the following teaching:

Travel only with thy equals or thy betters; if there are none, travel alone.  – The Dhammapada

A good friend of mine wondered – why would somebody better than you travel with you?  Well, he will, if you strive to be better and succeed to be his equal.

The lesson here being, associate yourself with people who have higher standards than you.  Again, let me reinforce that a higher standard is not defined by birth, advantages, affluence or even society.  It is defined by that which is the foundation of all religion, the pioneer of philanthropy, the corner stone of philosophy – that which defines mankind – humanism. 

I am learning to move on, to consciously move away from those who do not grow in standards or grow-up, period.  Choosing the right over the wrong is a struggle – not in choice, but in action.  This is one of the action items.

I am working on it.          


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