Rip Effect

October 3, 2008

You throw a stone in still water, ripples are only but expected.  The act of throwing a stone is over and done with in no time but it will take its own course for the ripples to settle and the stillness to return.  Metaphorically speaking, life is like that.  Newton’s laws of motion apply to emotions and actions as well.

But there are variations in your role.  Sometimes you are the water.  Sometimes you are the stone.  And sometimes you are the thrower.  Sometimes you might even be a dog that accidentally got in the way of the stone!  From each one’s point of view, there is justification.  Perhaps, a purpose.  Perhaps, even justice.  Though the last is rarely the case, if you put your mind to it and work hard enough, you can still find justice.

Whatever be the case, do not bottle up your feelings.  Even if you are judged, there will atleast be one person in this world, who, though might not agree that you are right, will understand your feelings.  One confidant, one fellowman, one soul that sees the justification in your feelings is all you need to save yourself the mental agony eroding your senses.

So go find that person to confide in.  Do not wait.  Do not think you can handle everything on your own.  If you are not able to sort out your disagreement directly with the person as you may not even agree to disagree, do not set yourself in an infinite loop of misunderstanding.  Do not foolishly think that you are a tattletale for discussing it with a third person.  Watch out when your feelings overwhelm you and do not let them destroy you.  Seek help.  If you do not, the ripple effect might rip your life apart and drive you over the edge.  But choose carefully.

Be wise.  Do not jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.  Go to a person who will understand; if you are having unkind thoughts, which is quite normal, your confidant should not encourage you to feel them anymore.  Once you feel that bond of kinship, that feeling of empathy from another soul, believe me, the black cloud will dissipate and the sun will shine.

Read William Blake’s The Poison Tree.  Take his advice and nip it in the bud.

And thank you, my mother, for being my confidant and being the gardener who cleaned up my weeds. 


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