Cake Decorating

August 30, 2008

Again, all credit to Annita at  I was inspired by her posts to go for a cake decorating class.  It was a four session class, each lasting 3 hours.  Cake decorating is quite easy (well, don’t judge by the pictures here!)… all you need are the tools and also, you need to know the techniques.  This course has served as a starter.  There is so much you can do – books, blogs and above all, practice will help you realize your imagination.  But I am not ambitious.  I like to keep it simple.  You will know how simple once you see the pictures!  No, the pictures are here just so you and I can compare these to the hopefully improved ones that I will do in the future.

Class #1

List of supplies, butter cream recipe, etc handed out.

Class #2 – Masking, stars, round tips, etc.

Cake Decorating Class 2










Class #3 – Flowers, clowns, bracelets, shells, etc.

Cake Decorating Class 3 












Class #4 – Roses, leaves, stem, etc.

What you see here are – flat, collapsed – roses!

Cake Decorating Class 4.1
Cake Decorating Class 4.2










As Shakepeare would have said:

“What’s in a shape? That which I have carved into a rose
In any shape would taste as sweet.”

Improvements and refinement – coming-up later!


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