Philosophically Speaking

August 14, 2008

Life really started looking up for me once I started living the belief that you have to always do the right thing.  Unfortunately, though I also believed that things have to but go right if you follow this policy religiously, I faltered.  Because I made the mistake of assuming that everybody else will also do the right thing.  Though it came as no surprise that life is not ideal, I was shocked that it was the people that I had the most trust in that seemed to let me down.

And therein lay the problem.  Not that the people let me down.  Because that, philosophically speaking, is not true, when it is I who set up that expectation and thereby set myself up to take a fall.  Let us analyse this further – generically.  Let us assume characters “A” and “B”.

1.  “A” trusts “B”.
2.  “A” does the right thing, ‘r’.
3.  “A” is in state Happiness.
4.  “B” is in state Happiness.
5.  “B” does a thing, ‘t’.
6.  “A” cannot believe “B” would do ‘t’, especially considering “A” has done ‘r’.
7.  “B” does not understand what all the fuss is about ‘t’.
8.  “A” never gets over it.
9.  “A” is in state Unhappiness.
10. “B” continues in state Happiness.
11. “A” goes to state Lonely Unhappiness.

Let us assume here for a second that ‘t’ is also the right thing.  Then “A” failed to take the right path at step 8.

Now let us assume that ‘t’ is the wrong thing, the unfair thing, the unthinkable thing.  Then, where would you say that “A” faltered?  Yes, it is again, step 8.  “A” is wronged.  That is alright.  “A” is wallowing in self-pity.  That is also alright.  “A” is terribly misunderstood.  Yes, yes, so be it.  “A” will never forget this happened.  Okay, not a problem.  “A” blames “B”.  NO!!!!  Now, here is the most blatant mistep, if there is one –  giving up the power and control to rule the state of YOUR HAPPINESS.

So what would the solution be?  Let us hear what the “WISE” suggests that “A” should do.  BE POSITIVE AND MOVE ON.  Right on the money!  Do I hear anybody saying “DUH!”?  Well, that was also my first reaction.  But I cannot help but agree with the “WISE”.  Was it “B”‘s fault that “A” expected “B” to do the right thing that is a counterpart to ‘r’?  No.  Was it “A” who believed in always doing the right thing?  Yes.  Then what would the right thing be?

So, what would be the right thing?

Let us now substitute “ME” for “A”.  What would the right thing be?  I have no idea.  ‘t’ is irrevocable, so it has to be accepted.  Everything that can be derived from ‘t’ would plague my mind.  But I still don’t know what step 8 should be.  So, in my opinion, the right thing to do, when you have run out of right paths to take or when there is no right path in sight, would be to – NOT TAKE THE WRONG PATH.

So I will quit blaming.  And try not to do the wrong thing by taking my mind off of it and doing something productive.

Live and let live.

***UPDATE  “A” exaggerates.  “A” over-reacts.  “A” is only human.  Now the tables turn.  Substitute “ME” for “B”.


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