Phonetically speaking…

July 17, 2008

Atlast, I got to read Val McDermid’s “A Place of Execution”.  One of the aspects of her books that stand out, is the realistic depiction of the police enquiries, the investigation, the interrogation, the shock the victim’s kin experience when the bads news is conveyed to them; above all, it is the slow, drawn out, dragging, but relentless course of events that follow a major upheaval that is most realistic.  Thank God, it is only a book and there is an end to it; and with it, comes a conclusion.  Imagine reality… the actual agony… the stress, the wait, the unknown.  Thank God it is only a book.

Now you see why I should lay off books, especially murder mysteries.  I get too involved.  I usually prefer movies, because, at the most, it would run for 3 hours.  But a book, say, of about 500 pages, takes 2-3 days and it is impossible to move on until the last page, the last line, the last word is read.

Alright, enough about death and trauma. Speaking of which, an incident comes to my mind.  In my previous job, apart from building the tool, I was also responsible for installing and deploying the product at the client’s.  And after that, there would be occasions where I would have to troubleshoot and sometimes, instead of going over myself, I would have to walk-through somebody at the client’s to fix issues that come up. So once, on the phone, I had to tell an engineer there to reset a flag to “T”.  She couldn’t quite get what I was saying.  She asked me, “B?”.  I say, “No, ‘T'”.  She was still not sure, so I said, “It is ‘T’…”.  I racked my brain… and still straining hard, I told her, “I cannot think of a word that starts with ‘T’!”.  (I know, I know!)  She tried to help me, “Is it ‘P’ as in ‘Pig’?”  (LOL all you like, you will be ROTF soon!!)  And I said, “NO, it is ‘T’ as in ‘TRAUMA’!”  PHEW!!!!  There was complete silence at the other end. I bet, they put the call on MUTE and were rolling on the floor laughing!

I was laughing hard myself, but only in my head!  Because my job comes before my image (or the lack of it).  So I just got on with it!  The flag was dutifully reset, I did what I had to, and they did what they had to; and all was well and the status of all the transactions automatically changed to ‘S’.  Yes, ‘S’ as in “Success”!

The people at this client’s place were very kind.  I loved working with them.  My only regret is, for selfish (and cowardly) reasons, I could not even say bye or thank you to them when I left.  But I shall forever have fond memories of them, and always, wish them the best.  Through this medium, I say ‘T’ as in “THANKS” to them!


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