my name is kiluthika

January 26, 2008

my very first memory – as i watch my brother get into the auto with his bag (it could have been a box, its a little hazy here) of books, peria chithi tells me that i too will soon join my brother and go to school. 

i could even then feel the presence of my parents in my life, but my first memory is of my aunt and my brother.  in fact, she was the one who taught me to pronounce my name…  (you see i had a pet name at home so i had to be taught i would be known by a different name at school) i could never utter the letter “R”…  it always came out as “AAWL”.  so she had a tough time training me to say my name…. and i learnt to say “kiluthika”.

in fact, it was in my 2nd standard that i found the trick to master the “R”… by imitating the sound of a bike!  DRRRRRRRR…  then TRRRRR… TRRRRRRR….  TRRREEEE….  maybe 10 more attempts and tada! TREE!  yes!!! that was the first word with an R in it that i hoped people would get without me having to repeat it more than once.

even now i kinda cheat when i speak any word that has a highlighted “R” sound in it.  i have trouble but nobody can really notice.  sometimes even i forget i had a problem or that i still do.  thanks to peria chithi, who took me through the first baby step of helping people put a name (however butchered) to my face, i can now proudly say “my name is kiruthika”.  well, not quite… “my name is KrUthika”… modish, i think!

and to my aunt kanjana vasudevan, i will always be: kannaty, kannamma….

chithi, you will be surprised how much you mean to me.

p.s.  that is just the first memory i have of you, chithi.  i remember you fulfilled all my childhood dreams even before i voiced them…. getting me my first baby pillow, my first lipstick, my first comprehensive so-desperately-wanted sopu-samanam set, my palanguli set, the choli for it, bringing my favourite sweet dish every time you come from pudhukotai; coming all the way just for my birthday; teaching me maths and science; when you couldnt teach me hindi you tried to inspire me to learn it by myself when you realized i badly needed help in that; taking time off to take me to the doctor; stiching clothes for my dolls; trying to bring us together if murali mama, chinna chithi, anna and i fight amongst each other; making exotic dishes at home on your holidays – laddu kolambu, achu muruku, potato chips; weaning me off the feeding bottle; the list is endless….  and most of all coming to my wedding (FOR ME) and blessing us with all your heart.

amba and daddy were and will always be there; but if not for you, chithan, murali mama and sundar,  i would be NAUGHT.


2 Responses to “my name is kiluthika”

  1. k.kanjana Says:

    cherishable memories of this loving chithi
    i can remember i) the day on which you sat on anna pinching his eye lid, refusing to open the bed room for mum and whispering in my ear along with anna while i was on the dining ‘chithi sapdalama’thereafter. ii) the birth day on which my kutty pappulu ran to me and hugged me as soon as i am back from pudukottai and made the entire guests of birth day party to wait for me iii) the week ends – fighting with mum (ann too)saying ‘ to day you do the cooking; chithi is going to play with us’ iV) pongal day – while travelling to udumalpet with mum and dad ofcourse with my affectioanate pradip kissing and pestering me not to get down at pollachi (to visit my friend’s janmathi house) and to join with you to udumalapet.

  2. k.kanjana Says:

    convey my birthday wishes to pradip as you join with him for his birth day party.extend your nuclear family as early as possible. otherwise life becomes monotonous.
    as we enjoyed the mazhalais of kutties, you should also experience the same. all the best.


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