tick tick tick

January 7, 2008

i am sure i am not alone in wondering what makes people tick.  seriously, what makes them tick?  some, i can understand.. the rest, i really wonder.

actions and words are sometimes so contradictory in a human’s behaviour.  i am definitely not saying the human mind is finicky, it is just that it is so dependent on external influences that though its nature does not change its expression does.

 one wonders… where am i going with this train of thought?  well… follow me or not, i am going to see where this leads me.

here is a situation: you are provoked, unintentionally.  you realise it is not deliberate.  you try to keep your distance.  but you are not left alone.  the stimulus literally chases and catches up with you.  you react, again with no intention to hurt or harm.  your reaction may be just and fair.  likewise, the one you react against also has right on their side.  this is the typical your way, their way and the right way scenario.  but do you know who gets all the sympathy?  the weak, so that they can survive.  but the strong also survives, though on their own.

here is another situation: you are right.  man, you are so right.  so you fight.  you fight against injustice.  not injustice meted out to you but to another.  so much more nobler.  so you have to win right?  but no.  you may be right but you dont have the clout.  you are strong.  but you are alone.  atleast you dont lose, but you have to move on.

one more: you are wrong.  you know you are wrong.  you see yourself do it, your heart stops you, your mind admonishes you.  but you are like spilt milk.  you cry over it.  you regret it, you wish you could go back in time and set it right.  but the damage is done.  and you still survive.  you repent.

last: a similar scenario plays out again.  and again… there you go. mistake. 

life goes on.  and coming to what makes people tick… i keep wondering.  and for those who wonder what makes me tick?  well i had better.

 i am a ticking timebomb!     


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