my name is kiluthika

January 26, 2008

my very first memory – as i watch my brother get into the auto with his bag (it could have been a box, its a little hazy here) of books, peria chithi tells me that i too will soon join my brother and go to school. 

i could even then feel the presence of my parents in my life, but my first memory is of my aunt and my brother.  in fact, she was the one who taught me to pronounce my name…  (you see i had a pet name at home so i had to be taught i would be known by a different name at school) i could never utter the letter “R”…  it always came out as “AAWL”.  so she had a tough time training me to say my name…. and i learnt to say “kiluthika”.

in fact, it was in my 2nd standard that i found the trick to master the “R”… by imitating the sound of a bike!  DRRRRRRRR…  then TRRRRR… TRRRRRRR….  TRRREEEE….  maybe 10 more attempts and tada! TREE!  yes!!! that was the first word with an R in it that i hoped people would get without me having to repeat it more than once.

even now i kinda cheat when i speak any word that has a highlighted “R” sound in it.  i have trouble but nobody can really notice.  sometimes even i forget i had a problem or that i still do.  thanks to peria chithi, who took me through the first baby step of helping people put a name (however butchered) to my face, i can now proudly say “my name is kiruthika”.  well, not quite… “my name is KrUthika”… modish, i think!

and to my aunt kanjana vasudevan, i will always be: kannaty, kannamma….

chithi, you will be surprised how much you mean to me.

p.s.  that is just the first memory i have of you, chithi.  i remember you fulfilled all my childhood dreams even before i voiced them…. getting me my first baby pillow, my first lipstick, my first comprehensive so-desperately-wanted sopu-samanam set, my palanguli set, the choli for it, bringing my favourite sweet dish every time you come from pudhukotai; coming all the way just for my birthday; teaching me maths and science; when you couldnt teach me hindi you tried to inspire me to learn it by myself when you realized i badly needed help in that; taking time off to take me to the doctor; stiching clothes for my dolls; trying to bring us together if murali mama, chinna chithi, anna and i fight amongst each other; making exotic dishes at home on your holidays – laddu kolambu, achu muruku, potato chips; weaning me off the feeding bottle; the list is endless….  and most of all coming to my wedding (FOR ME) and blessing us with all your heart.

amba and daddy were and will always be there; but if not for you, chithan, murali mama and sundar,  i would be NAUGHT.

indo-italian sauce

January 10, 2008

its the flu season.  i was under the impression that flu was just cold, cough and the works.  now i know it is high temperature on and off and severe body aches.  in between the fever you feel quite normal, surprisingly.

anyways, in recent times, i have been looking for recipes online and have been checking out a lot of food blogs.  a couple of my favourites is on my blogroll.  inspite of so many recipes you find, it is hard to locate something that would appeal to your taste.  and not to mention the variations you are tempted to try and you end up wondering if you made it bad or if the base recipe itself was flawed.  but i swear by the recipes on… they are awesome and quite authentic.. and doesnt fail even when you mess up a little.

i have been wanting to try italian recipes for a long time now.  i had some heavy whipping cream on hand and i wanted to use it before the expiry date. searching for recipes using heavy cream led me to the discovery that alfredo sauce is made with that.  but when i got around to making it, i couldnt figure where i found a particular recipe that seemed interesting.

with a couple more searches on google and with pointers from i made this:

an indo-italian sauce – simply because this pseudo italian sauce is not bland.

indo-italian sauce


  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 roma tomatoes (chopped)
  • 2 garlic pods (finely chopped)
  • 4 teaspoons ground black pepper
  • 4 teaspoons crushed red chillies
  • 4 teaspoons salt (or according to your taste)
  • 1/2 pint heavy whipping cream

heat olive oil and add black pepper.  when it starts sizzling a little, add garlic, tomatoes and crushed red chillies.  cook on medium low fire.  stir in salt.  once the tomatoes completely disintegrate almost into a sauce, add whipping cream slowly.  keep stirring (12 minutes) until sauce thickens.

served on rotelle

we had it on rotelle and it tasted good!

tick tick tick

January 7, 2008

i am sure i am not alone in wondering what makes people tick.  seriously, what makes them tick?  some, i can understand.. the rest, i really wonder.

actions and words are sometimes so contradictory in a human’s behaviour.  i am definitely not saying the human mind is finicky, it is just that it is so dependent on external influences that though its nature does not change its expression does.

 one wonders… where am i going with this train of thought?  well… follow me or not, i am going to see where this leads me.

here is a situation: you are provoked, unintentionally.  you realise it is not deliberate.  you try to keep your distance.  but you are not left alone.  the stimulus literally chases and catches up with you.  you react, again with no intention to hurt or harm.  your reaction may be just and fair.  likewise, the one you react against also has right on their side.  this is the typical your way, their way and the right way scenario.  but do you know who gets all the sympathy?  the weak, so that they can survive.  but the strong also survives, though on their own.

here is another situation: you are right.  man, you are so right.  so you fight.  you fight against injustice.  not injustice meted out to you but to another.  so much more nobler.  so you have to win right?  but no.  you may be right but you dont have the clout.  you are strong.  but you are alone.  atleast you dont lose, but you have to move on.

one more: you are wrong.  you know you are wrong.  you see yourself do it, your heart stops you, your mind admonishes you.  but you are like spilt milk.  you cry over it.  you regret it, you wish you could go back in time and set it right.  but the damage is done.  and you still survive.  you repent.

last: a similar scenario plays out again.  and again… there you go. mistake. 

life goes on.  and coming to what makes people tick… i keep wondering.  and for those who wonder what makes me tick?  well i had better.

 i am a ticking timebomb!