stephen king’s lisey’s story

October 9, 2007

words should not just be meaningful.. they should paint a picture in your mind and bring it to life… then transport you into it. that is the kind of books i like. now another aspect of a book that appeals to me is the insight that it gives into the author. i read stephen king’s lisey’s story recently. not that he has infused life into every sentence or every chapter of this book… and not that the story kept my attention from start to finish… it is just that there was enough connection… both with the book and with the author… to make me appreciate this piece of work.

of late i have been reading reviews of books i have read and movies i have seen on amazon. amazes me how the same book or movie could evoke such a varied range of reactions. some like it some dont. some hate it some dont. and there are also people like me who inspite of reading the reviews, good or bad, if they havent already, would still go ahead and experience it for themselves, for who knows, there just could be another view that the reviewers could have totally missed. in the case of lisey’s story. i started reading the reviews half way through the book, then after i finished the book. now you may ask whats the fun in it. well, to each his own. what struck me was i agreed with both the good and the bad reviews. but could the book have been made better by leaving out the bad parts? i think not. because that might please some readers but not all; what one likes, another might dislike. and if books were written just to please readers then there would be no end to it (not to books.. to pleasing); thereby killing the soul of the author and the fun of creativity.

the same holds true for life. like reviews there is appreciation and criticism. and everything inbetween. everybody is entitled to their opinion. and everybody is entitled to live their own life, not others’. at the end of the day, i dig lisey’s story. dragging, boring it might have been in parts. but shallow it was not.

it could be anybody’s story.


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