felt like a dream

August 10, 2007

i fell asleep yesterday night as soon as my head hit the pillow. but sometime in the middle of the night, i came awake to feel the earth shake. i remembered puvana chithi saying they had felt an earthquake around the time that the tsunami hit and were thinking that it must be an aftermath of something big that must have happened elsewhere. i thought something in the same lines and before panic set in i slipped into oblivion again. then what followed was a minor car accident and me getting hounded by the insurance company.

in the morning i get up and remember nothing that happened in the night.  i remember it all now because my collegue here asks another if he felt the earthquake yesterday!!! now i know the first part of my dream was not a dream at all… the 2nd part ofcourse was!

so there! i had my first experience of an earthquake, although a groggy one and thankfully a minor one at that!


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